Red HTC One Pops Up On UK Retailer’s Website


In February the red HTC One was sighted for the very first time on the manufacturer’s own website. The image was taken down soon after that, but once the red HTC One pre-orders were opened, it was confirmed that the crimson colored HTC flagship was indeed a reality. Once again, one of the hottest smartphones on the market right now has popped up again in red on a U.K. retailer’s website.

Many believe that the red variant will actually be exclusive to Verizon, but given how HTC dodged questions about the One on Verizon, it is safe not to equate this color with the carrier just yet. Handtec, a U.K. based retailer, had the 32GB variant listed online though it is claimed to be out of stock. The listing is still carrying a price, so there might be hope that this smartphone will be back in stock in the very near future.┬áCan this be another mistake, seeing as how the manufacturer itself claims that all they’re offering right now are black and silver variants, not red? Would you go for a red HTC One?

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