As it stands iOS and Android are currently taking the number 1 and number 2 spots in the smartphone operating system market, leaving the third place to be contested and based on what we can see, both Blackberry 10 and Microsoft with their Windows Phone operating system are no doubt currently vying for that spot, presumably as a stepping stone while they try to overthrow iOS and Android, but who will take 3rd spot?

According to an article on Seeking AlphaBlackBerry-z10-22-640x424, the writer “jaberwock” seems to believe that Blackberry could be set to win the 3rd spot in the mobile phone operating system wars. His prediction is based on charts and figures that show the steady sales of the Z10 along with the release of the Q10 in other markets, thus creating a very promising environment for the company.  Considering that the Q10 sold out in less than 2 hours at Selfridges, it looks a promising start for Blackberry and might make Thorsten Heins’ prediction come true. What do you guys think? Does Blackberry have a better shot than Windows Phone at nabbing the 3rd spot?

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