ihs_new_graphWe’re sure that many computer building enthusiasts would love to furnish their computers with a Solid State Drive (SSD), and while the prices of SSDs have dropped a fair bit compared to a couple of years ago, they are still pretty expensive relative to the amount of storage they offer, but how soon will it be before we can start seeing more computers begin to adopt SSDs as the default storage of choice, rather than your usual HDD? According to a report by HIS iSuppli, they seem to think that based on the statistics of the shipments of HDDs and SSDs, it is likely that we can expect to see a 600% increase in SSD shipments between 2012-2017, and that come 2017, about a third of computers will have an SSD.

A third of computers still isn’t as widespread as we would like it to be, but then again we guess there could be improvements made between now and then that could drive the price down drastically. The figures reported by iSuppli have also suggested that the shipments of HDD will decline at the same time due to cannibalization from smartphones and tablets as being one of the several reasons. What do you guys think?

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