RoboKegA long beer line? That is not an issue, especially when you consider how folks tend to bond over a couple of drinks (or more) at the local watering hole, and the time spent waiting in line could definitely be used to socialize more with one another, asking basic questions and over time, forge closer bonds. Well, a team of self-described “lazy hackers” have come up with what they call the RoboKeg, where it makes the action of obtaining an ice cold beer at a crowded concert or bar a snap – all it takes is a single wave of the hand. The RoboKeg, in essence, is an automated beer dispenser which is capable of keeping track of who has ordered what as well as the copious amount of the nectar of the gods, and best of all is, unlike modern day smart apps, there is no need for you to carry a smartphone around – where you run the risk of losing it in a drunken stupor to boot.

The RoboKeg would be equipped with a tiny near-field communication (NFC) chip in wristbands which can automate the purchasing and pouring, which might eventually kiss goodbye to those long beer lines, but traditionalists might balk at this idea since it eliminates the conversations that you can have with your regular barman. Would you prefer to be served by a human or a robot?

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