I clearly remember driving by this particular seafood restaurant back home with a huge sign that reads, “If it swims, we have it!” I guess mermaids are a fantasy then, as so far there was no tank at the seafood restaurant which was huge enough to hold a mermaid.Having said that, the focus on this story would be the advent of a new swimming robot that has been inspired by none other than the humble octopus. It is said that octopi are strong swimmers, although they do take the road less traveled (obviously all 8 tentacles has something to do with it) by utilizing a rather weird swimming technique known as sculling.

Sculling would require the use of all of their eight limbs, and right now, a research team in Europe is working on a robot version of the octopus, hoping that they are able to recreate the movement within a water tank, So far, this team has met with different degrees of success, although we do hope that eventually they will succeed in getting close to replicating what has been perfected in the wild for many millennia already.

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