rugged-androidWhat happens when you get together a previous consultant from Nokia who wants to continue working with smartphones and the ilk? Why, former Nokia consultant Heikki Sarajarvi is certainly one who believes that “if you want something done right, you have got to do it yourselves”, and he gathered a bunch of like minded people who are sick and tired of their smartphones dying after coming into contact with water. It is obvious right from the get go that one should not dunk your device into water, as electronics and water rarely go hand in hand together – unless you are in the mould of the Sony Xperia ZR of course, resulting in the formation of a company called Adaia which comprises of sixteen employees, where half of those used to work at Nokia.

The whole idea of Adaia’s formation was to develop an Android-powered smartphone which is capable of being water resistant – even when it comes up against salt water and those pesky salty sprinkles on its frame whenever you are out at sea. This resulted in a handset that had an exterior look which was inspired by a topographic map, complete with its waves and curves, where in a couple of years’ time would transform it into a tough Android handset with cellular capability. The completed device will be out in 2013 with a higher price point than your average flagship smartphone. Then again, this is no regular flagship device, right?

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