s-voice-iphone_fixedWe know that Samsung and Apple don’t exactly have the best relationship at the moment, but perhaps a bit of professionalism might be good, right? While that would be ideal, it seems that Samsung’s S Voice has been taking some potshots at Apple’s iPhone and Apple’s own voice assistant feature, Siri. According to the folks at Android Central, when they prompted the feature as to whether it has ever used an iPhone, the reply was “No, I have standards,” and when asked if they think S Voice is Siri, the program responds by saying “I like to think I am,” which we’re not sure if that’s an insult or a praise to Apple’s Siri feature. This isn’t the first time Samsung has taken a swing at the iPhone as a couple of days ago, the South Korean company released new advertisements in which they made fun of the iPhone as well. Since we don’t have S Voice ourselves, we can’t really confirm this Easter Egg, but if you do, give it a go and let us know if you’ve gotten the same results!

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