It is not unusual for companies to take a swing at their rivals in commercials. We’ve seen Samsung mock the iPhone’s features quite a number of times in its past commercials. Recently Nokia aired its latest spot in which it showed Apple and Samsung fans fight it out, affirming that its Lumia range of smartphones rules the third spot in the market. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 commercial not only highlights the device’s amazing features, it also mocks the iPhone for not having similar features.

It is shown in the ad that a user can answer their phone by just waving over the S4, immediately after that an iPhone user is shown trying to do that, which he obviously can’t. This commercial also mocks the lack of Samsung’s S Beam like functionality in iPhone, which is used to effortlessly and quickly transfer files between devices. The punch line of this ad: “So some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones?” is said by a character with an iPhone in his hand. Samsung’s campaign has no doubt been meticulously created, it’ll be interesting to see how Apple counters to it when they release the next generation iPhone later this year.

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