Siri Update Tells You To Keep Queries Short


Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, has received a server side update allowing it to now prompt users to keep their queries short if they’re too long for it to deal with. Siri will not outright reprimand users for asking long queries, rather it will respond with quotes that subtly suggest to the user that their queries are a bit too long for Siri to manage. Siri will give such a response when any particular query is deemed to be too long or difficult to parse for the serves.

It is a bit ironical to see that some of the quotes from Thomas Jefferson or William Strunk that Siri plays back when the query is too long, are themselves quite long. Previously it would use a generic “I didn’t get that” term and get over with it. Perhaps Apple hopes that such subtle clarifications from Siri would encourage users to change their speaking patterns. While there’s no proof to substantiate that it would have any effect on speaking patterns, this can be viewed as merely a novelty that Siri now offers to its users.

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