skytv-twitterWhat is it about Twitter that you love (assuming you do make use of Twitter’s service in your everyday life, of course)? Well, some folks would list down real time search as the biggest boon that Twitter has brought to your life, which is rather surprising as some might think of Google where search – any kind of search, is concerned. In fact, some folks do use Twitter in order to check out results for illegal television streams. A TV network decided to leverage on this particular phenomenon by harnessing the power of Twitter in order to assist viewers use the service in a legal and convenient manner.

Thanks to AgenciaClick Isobar, which so happens to be Sky TV’s Brazilian digital agency, this particular project would enable subscribers to record programs using Twitter, now how about that? You will first need to register your Twitter handle on Sky TV’s website, before being prompted to follow the @skybrasil account. Whenever that account posts a tweet about a program that you want to watch, you are able to retweet said tweet with the hashtag #skyrec, and Sky TV will get down to work, recording that program on your set top box automatically and without any hassle. Pretty neat, no?

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