skydogThe cloud does seem to be a rather interesting place to be at these days, and with Skydog, you would be able to gain far more control over your household’s Wi-Fi use as well as home network without missing a beat, thanks to it being a cloud-based solution. This Kickstarter project has already managed to raise the relevant amount of funds – and beyond to be realized. The Skydog Wi-Fi router and mobile companion site will basically enable parents to monitor the household’s Internet access, and can even be on the receiving end of text notifications for selected network activity – such as playing games.

Just how does this system work? Well, one will have to sign up with Skydog in the first place, before replacing your current wireless router with Skydog’s 802.11n wireless router. From here onwards, you are able to keep more than just a close eye on the slew of connected devices in your home via a clean interface on your desktop – or you can do so over your mobile device if you so desire. Skydog will sniff out the nitty gritty on your behalf, letting you know who is online, what are the connected devices, the kinds of websites being accessed and the amount of bandwidth usage. Perfect to keep tabs on your kids whom you think are spending too much time in front of the computer, no?

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