Last week, SNL’s Fred Armisen starred in a Weekend Update segment where he played Randall Meeks, who was one of the show’s correspondents who was testing out Google Glass for the show. Through the segment, Meeks showed how “easy” it was to use the wearable computer, although he couldn’t hold a simple conversation and spent most of his time twitching about in order to issue different commands. Since Armisen never got a chance to use an actual pair of Google Glass, Engadget too it upon themselves to introduce him to the wearable computer.

Armisen’s time with a pair of Google Glass didn’t go as smoothly as Google would lead us to believe as he wasn’t able to wear his prescription eyeglasses, even though the company says they would fully support prescription eyewear. That wasn’t the only issue Armisen met with Google Glass as he couldn’t get something as simple as directions to Iceland.

Armisen’s time wasn’t a complete disaster as he was able to see some practical uses for the wearable computer, which he speaks about later on in the video.

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