sony-digital-paperSony has definitely been working on devices that come equipped with E Ink displays for a long time now, but most of their efforts eventually ended up in their very own Sony Reader family of e-readers, sporting 6” displays with the main focus on reading. Of course, if you were to be polled to pull a name of an e-reader right out of your hat, chances are Sony would not be at the tip of your tongue, but this does not mean that Sony has given up on the e-reader market. In fact, Sony has begun to train their crosshairs on both the education and business markets by offering a larger E Ink device whose primary purpose is to read and write.

We are referring to the Sony Digital Paper, where in reality, it is a 13.3” flexible E Ink prototype that boasts of touchscreen capability, in addition to stylus input support, of course. This remains a prototype as at press time, but word has it that Sony intends to introduce trials of the device at 3 universities in the Land of the Rising Sun, that is, Japan. The whole idea would be to replace the need for paper by pushing a digital medium which makes life a whole lot more convenient for students. How does a 1600 x 1200 pixel flexible E Ink screen sound to you?

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