sony-stereo-bluetooth-headset-0-590x442If you’re in the market for a new Bluetooth headset, Sony Mobile has announced the SBH50 which was announced alongside the Xperia ZR just yesterday. The headset is essentially a sequel to the company’s Smart Wireless Headset Pro, and as you can see, it hasn’t really changed that much in terms of its design, but then again the changes are largely under the hood. For instance the SBH50 will feature NFC capabilities, allowing it to be paired with a smartphone simply by tapping them together, and considering that Sony has made a great deal of effort marketing its Smart Tags, we guess Sony users might welcome the NFC functionality.

The headset will also sport an OLED display that will show notifications such as messages, and will come with built-in FM radio, and will also apparently be able to support two devices at the same time! One of the potential uses would be to listen to your friend’s music collection on their NFC device without having to share earphones which can be a little gross for some people. No word on pricing or availability as the Sony Mobile website simply states that it is “Coming soon”.

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