BLQ5-O6CYAA0Xyl is a game played by millions, although unfortunately for PlayStation gamers, the game is not available on their platform, but could it be in the future? While it remains to be seen, it seems that Sony is definitely interested in working with Minecraft’s creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, who tweeted that he had recently received a golden PS One from Sony themselves, along with an original copy of Dungeon Masters 2 which Notch thought was a pretty good way to “bribe nerds”. Notch also shared that Sony had made him a VIP at their PlayStation 4 press conference at E3, although just to be clear, we’re pretty sure other developers have also been similarly invited as well.

Like we said, we’re not sure what this means for the PlayStation console, but Notch has not exactly been Microsoft’s biggest fan, especially with his tweet on how Microsoft’s Xbox One failed to get him excited. Either way hopefully this means that for fans of Minecraft, we might be seeing something Minecraft-related being announced for the PlayStation console in the future!

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