tesla-model-sDo you love Easter Eggs in video games as well as other kinds of software? Who would have thought that an Easter Egg of sorts can be found within the menu system of an electric car? That is exactly what folks discovered about the Tesla Model S, which so happened to have picked up just about every kind of automotive award that it could possibly pick up last year, but that does not mean it is the perfect ride. There is a new range of menus which remain hidden within the giant touch screen in the Model S, dropping hints that a couple those features might be on their way – in addition to a lane departure warning, too.

There is no firm word on what those options would be, but at least we do know that the software in action is in the prototype stage at this point in time. Of course, one cannot rule out the possibility that Tesla could very well install a slew of sensors on the sly without informing anyone, and to have these features switched on, it might require a whole lot more than a mere software update. Other unannounced apps that were hinted in the hidden menu include an image viewer, a sketch pad, a scheduler/calendar and different test apps.

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