custom-macbook-lidsWe’ve all come across decals that one can stick on their MacBook laptops, with some being pretty creative and using the glow from the Apple logo to represent Iron Man’s Arc reactor, or a decal of Snow White taking a bite out of the Apple logo and so on. While those are pretty cool and clever, if you’re looking to take the customization of your MacBook laptop to the next level, the folks at Uncover are offering custom MacBook lids which have been laser cut to take advantage of the fact that there is an entire light panel underneath the lid of your MacBook laptop to come up with some pretty unique and great designs.

One of the examples can be seen above, but if you’d like to see more designs you can head on over to Uncover’s website for the rest. For those interested, you will have to send your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to the company in order for the laser cutting to take place, and as you might expect, this process/service will not come cheap as Uncover has stated on their FAQ page that prices start from €299 which is around $394 for a custom job. Ouch!

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