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Verizon CEO ‘Hints’ At BlackBerry Q10 And Lumia 928 Release

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During an investor conference earlier today, Verizon CEO Dan Mead said that there’s an important opportunity in their industry for both BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Both of these ailing platforms are widely considered as natural contenders for the third spot in the market that is largely dominated by Apple and Samsung. Windows Phone has struggled quite a lot in the start, whereas it has only been four months since BlackBerry 10 was launched. Dan also said that three or four operating systems are good for the industry and “good for us.”

These remarks come at a time with it has nearly been confirmed that Verizon will be announcing Nokia Lumia 928 soon, which will be exclusive to this network. Its also a time when analysts believe BlackBerry Q10 will outsell the Z10, having only been released late last month, the QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone has been doing quite well in the market. Regarding the smartphone, Dan said “We’re hopeful it will meet the needs for our customers who have been loyal BlackBerry customers.” While the carrier has officially not announced carrying either smartphone, this could be taken as a hint, given how there’s substantial evidence for the Lumia 928 and the fact that Verizon already carries the BlackBerry Z10.

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