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Wi-Fi enabled Teddy Bear by MessagePetz on Kickstarter

wifi teddy bears 01There are more and more connected devices than ever and the trend is going to grow in the near future. MessagePetz launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $45,000 in funding to develop a Wi-Fi Teddy Bear that will allow parents to send love messages to their kids via the display embedded in the interactive stuffed animal.

According to MessagePetz CEO and co-founder Glenn Jones, “Being away from your kids can be one of the most difficult things a parent can go through”. Parents will be able to send their child’s MessagePetz Bear a ‘hug’, a ‘kiss’, an ‘I love you’ or a personalized message from the free app on their smartphone. Then the LED heart lights up to let the kid know that a message has arrived and is displayed on the screen. Simply by hugging the toy a reply is automatically sent without using a smartphone, and custom replies can be written in advance.

The MessagePetz Bear starts at $89 for early backers.

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The MessagePetz Bear technical highlights:


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