ryan-frayne-windcatcherHow many of you grew up on a steady diet of comics, and came upon instances where there was this huge are that is engulfed in flames, only to have a superhero like Superman fly by and blowing his lungs out, or to have the Incredible Hulk do the same (although chances are he might just clap his hands). I am quite sure that Clark Kent would brush his teeth daily, but gamma-radiated Hulk? He might not be so pleasant to smell breath-wise. Well, either Hulk or Superman, they both have mean lungs that possess plenty of power, and sometimes, you wish you had that, too.

Portland-based inventor Ryan Frayne is right now experimenting with air, by working on a special kind of valve into his device known as the Windcatcher. The Windcatcher design claims to amplify your exhalation, where using some physics calculations, it touts to multiply the air volume that passes through it by a factor of 10 or 15. Seems to carry the potential of an easy, pump-less manner to inflate things, no? Right now, Frayne has enlisted the help of Kickstarter to launch the Windcatcher, where there are 23 more days left to hit the campaign target of $50,000 in order to make it a reality. Do you think something like this is possible?

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