windows-phone-8-updateWhen it comes to market share, we guess iOS and Android can be rightfully assumed to take up the lions share. However with Windows Phone starting to gain a bit of traction thanks to its updated hardware and software improvements, is Windows Phone making the type of inroads that Microsoft is hoping for? Speaking to Reuters at the Microsoft campus last week, Terry Myerson of Microsoft revealed that while they might not have a huge market share in the US, there are apparently other regions in the world in which they are enjoying success.

Myerson revealed that regions such as Mexico and Poland were some of the places where the Windows Phone platform is enjoying as much as 20% of the market, especially since it would seem that in those reasons, the cost of the phone minus the operator subsidies were a little more transparent that what is being offered in the US, which we guess could imply greater customer confidence and trust. Unsurprisingly, it seems that Nokia is receiving a lot of Microsoft’s attention at the moment as Myerson also revealed that “they are receiving all of our go-to-market energy right now.”

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