windows-phone-8-july-2014It goes without saying that software will always come with its fair share of bugs and quirks, although the way those bugs affect a piece of written software varies – some are more harmful than the rest, while others are pretty much harmless in nature even when exploited. When it comes to the Windows Phone mobile operating system, however, developer Kevin Gosse has stumbled upon something that is pretty interesting concerning this platform when he was fooling around with his Imageboard Browser app. Gosse found out the presence of a storage bug that is unrelated to the “other storage” problem which was discovered earlier this year. In fact, Gosse himself was trying to find out just where the many hundreds of megabytes of data was disappearing to each time his app was used.

After performing his fair share of sleuthing around, Gosse realized that the storage issue had everything to do with the methods MediaLibrary.SavePicture and MediaLibrary.SavePictureToCameraRoll. Both were called into action when saving images to Windows Phone’s pictures hub, and in the process, there was also a copy of each image that was saved in isolated storage. Code could of course be written in order to delete the file that is in isolated storage, consideringhow it takes a similar name as the one which was used by MediaLibrary.SavePicture, albeit with an additional ‘jpg’ thrown into the mix at the end and with periods replaced by underscores. This seems to affect only .jpg pictures and not .png images, and it happens only on Windows Phone 8 when using Nokia’s storage tool. We do look forward to a fix in due time, of course.

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