WoWlogoActivision Blizzard’s long time cash cow that is known to the masses as World of Warcraft might see its supply of milk drying up in the near future, considering how the MMORPG has been on a gradual slope downwards for some time already. The most telling point recently would be a reported loss of a whopping 1.3 million subscribers sometime in the first quarter of this year, which could very well be the hallmark of the beginning of the end for one of the most popular and influential video game franchises to date.

Having dropped to just 8.3 million subscribers in the first quarter, this is a far cry from its previous all-time high of 12 million active subscribers back in 2010. It goes without saying that World of Warcraft cannot sustain itself forever – nothing can, so for its numbers to dwindle slowly but steadily is a natural process that even the most battle hardened fan should come to accept and perhaps, move on to a different game in due time. Reuters mentioned that “Activision executives told analysts they expect Warcraft subscriber figures to dip further in coming months as the fantasy-action game continues to lose users to similar, free-to-play games.”

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