xbox360salestopsThe struggle for top spot continues where video game consoles in the US are concerned, as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has once again topped sales charts in that part of the world for the month of April, although the figures do show that year-on-year sales of the Xbox 360 has been going south. According to numbers supplied by the NPD Group, the Xbox 360 managed to end up in 130,000 new homes and dorm rooms, which would make it the 28th straight month that the Xbox 360 has outsold its competitors.

130,000 certainly pales in comparison when you take into consideration the 236,000 figure that was racked up by Microsoft in April last year. I guess after 7 years in the market, the legs under the Xbox 360 are starting to give way, not to mention that folks are ready and waiting for the next generation Xbox to be revealed officially in later this month. In fact, claimed that retail sales for the entire game industry in the US suffered a rather massive blow in the month of April, where total revenues (hardware, software and accessories included) amounted to a mere $495.2 million, which is 25% less than the corresponding period in 2012.

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