xbox-one-game-box-artMicrosoft unveiled its Xbox One just a few days ago, although soon after its unveiling, more questions came up than answers such as when it’ll be released, and what exactly is going to happen if you play a used game. With so many questions circulating Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox, certainty is something we’re sure we all need at this point.

If you decide you’re going to be picking up the Xbox One later this year, you’re going to need to know what its game box will look like, or you could find yourself staring at Xbox 360 game boxes wondering where the Xbox One games are. The box design for Xbox One titles has been confirmed today by Major Nelson, who published an box-art mage of the newly announced Forza Motorsport 5.

The Xbox One game box design is similar to the Xbox 360’s, but the Xbox One logo is now centered above the game’s box art and the side of the box has a grey strip along with the game’s logo. We’re not sure if all Xbox One games will have the same grey strip for all of its games as the Xbox 360 game box design has the Xbox 360 logo at the top, with the rest of the side used to promote the game’s own box art.

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