Researchers over at the University of Pennsylvania have managed to dabble around with the XRL robot for some time now, and they are now confident that the XRL robot is going to be quite the hit for its ability – that is, it can clear ledges and perform leap grabs without so much as break a robotic sweat in the process. In fact, the researchers presented the findings and abilities of their XRL robot recently at a conference on robotics and automation. (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation that is held in Germany).

The XRL robot is an acronym for its full name, namely the X-RHex-Light robot. The research paper is known as “Toward a Vocabulary of Legged Leaping”, where it lists down the details on how the robot was “taught” to perform different kinds of athletic performances such as running, jumping as well as the difficult move of executing the equivalent of robotic back flips and triple jumps. Tipping the scales at nearly 15-pounds, the XRL robot measures 20” in length, and is capable of jumping up ledges, performing leap grabs while ascending at an impressive 28”.

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