Back in March we reported a rumor about Yahoo being interested in buying a controlling share in Dailymotion. The deal was reportedly worth $300 million, which would get Yahoo a 75% stake in Dailymotion, with the option of a full acquisition. This rumored move was seen by many as a push on Yahoo’s part to become a player in the online video streaming niche, of which YouTube is the undisputed king. Soon after that, it was rumored that the French government was opposed to this deal and was the reason why it was called off.

However if this latest rumor is true, then Yahoo is certainly not going to rest until it bags a video streaming website. Bloomberg is reporting that Yahoo has submitted an offer for Hulu, which has already received offers from the likes of Time Warner Cable and DirecTV. The value of this offer is not known at this point in time, it is also not known whether Yahoo is bidding for a majority stake. The company has been on sort of an acquisition spree recently, only recently it acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Obviously acquiring a video streaming company alone won’t be enough to mount a challenge against YouTube, but at least it would be one step in the right direction.

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