Back in March Google announced that YouTube One Channel was being opened up for any and all who wanted to opt in to it. YouTube One Channel is a new look for the video streaming website’s channels, the idea behind it is to make channels more visually appealing, regardless of the browser it is being accessed through. The new look has been designed with goal of converting visitors in to subscribers, while retaining the slot for channel trailer. Some 100 million channels around the world opted in, and starting June 5th, every YouTube channel will be updated to this, making the transition mandatory for all of its users.

Those who are ready to make the move right now can opt in to YouTube One Channel, those who don’t will automatically and permanently be moved over to the new look on the aforementioned date. YouTube says that channels who opted in are getting some 20% more page views as clicks from YouTube guide now take visitors directly to a channel’s page rather than its activity feed. It doesn’t really make sense to hold on to the old look now, if you’ve got a channel on YouTube, best that you make the switch. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.

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