I suppose that it is a good thing the Adam Z1 robot from Hanson Robotics does not occupy any space in the uncanny valley, as it would definitely creep most folks out – parents especially. Hanson Robotic’s latest development, the Adam Z1, is part of an Indiegogo campaign which intends to see the “world’s smartest robot” invented and hitting store shelves in due time. The Adam Z1 is a robot that is said to eventually work its way to speaking, playing with toys (although don’t expect it to solve a Rubik’s Cube), as well as respond with “emotions” – at least to the best of a robot’s ability. Data of Star Trek fame might want to grab some pointers from the Adam Z1 if it is perfected.

Robot designer and researcher David Hanson has decided to group another three experts in this particular area of robotics, and they would include OpenCog Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) project founder Ben Goertzel, roboticist Mark Tilden, and consciousness theorist Gino Yu. Hanson shared, “My goal as you know is to create AGI with human level and ultimately greater general intelligence. But to get there, we need to create AGIs with basic common sense understanding of the everyday human world. And the easiest way to get an AGI to have basic commonsense understanding of the everyday human world, is to give it some rough approximation of a human embodiment and let it experience the world like a human. That’s the research purpose…”

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