adblock-plus-ieI am not quite sure about you, but I have quit using the Internet Explorer browser for more than a decade already, first moving on to Firefox before Google’s Chrome came along. As for the remnant (and a rather large one at that) Internet Explorer users, you might be pleased to hear that the extremely popular ad-blocking browser add-on known as Adblock Plus is now available on Internet Explorer, and this is made possible thanks to a preview version that has been published by the Adblock team.

The software is not polished just yet, as it comes with a tiny amount of features or settings, but at the very least it is capable of removing those pesky ads from around the web. Expect Adblock Plus to play nice on Internet Explorer 8 and above, but do take into consideration that after installation, it will be disabled by default, so you will need to do some minor tinkering before it works smoothly without any hiccups.

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