adidas-springbladeThere are two major sports brand giants in town, and they are Adidas and Nike, although we will concentrate on the former today. Adidas’ most recent unveiling concerned the Springblade running shoes which look out of this world, where angled elastic blades that are located on the soles have been touted to give you an edge in competition, while ensuring that you will be able to perform at a far better rate than normal compared to the moments when you make use of “normal” shoes to do your fitness regime.

With the Adidas Springblade, each pair has been specially designed to help launch your next step with minimal energy, modifying the flexible mid-soles concept by making use of angled elastic blades that are located on the soles in order to quickly propel the wearer forward, as though one had springs on one’s feet. The Adidas Springblade is a pure labor of love, as the Adidas Innovation Team (AIT) took half a dozen years to come up with it, while tests included the testing of different materials to make sure that only the right ones would make the cut in terms of durability and energy efficiency. Each shoe comes with 16 blades at the bottom that does look as though they will automatically put a spring in your step without fail each time. [Press Release]

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