We know how hard it is for humans to find love as services like Harmony and Match seem to gain in popularity the more disconnected our society becomes. But have you ever considered how much more difficult it is for your pet feline to find love, especially a mate they would consider to be “hot?”

Adult Cat Finder is a new service that promises to find “Hot Local Cats” in your area. The serviceĀ  is completely satirical, and in fact, won’t actually find you hot local cats in your area, but if you’re a webmaster, you can add its widget onto your site to add a much-needed touch of hot local cats action.

The Adult Cat Finder “service” stars none other than Kitten on a Keyboard, which isn’t the most popular cat on the Internet these days, but he / she may gain in popularity if Adult Cat Finder takes off. If only Adult Cat Finder could sign up Lil Bub or General Meow to be a part of the service, then we’d gladly hand over our credit card for the chance to chat with these two hot felines.

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