casio-commando-leakWhen it comes to rugged devices in the consumer electronics industry, the three most notable segments would be those of notebooks, smartphones and cameras, although cameras seem to be the most affordable device among the three, and should also prove its popularity among the masses. I can still remember how Olympus used to market their digital cameras that were shockproof, waterproof and could be abused during normal use without cringing. Well, smartphones are catching up too without looking too out of place, as @evleaks leaked out an alleged Casio Commando 4G LTE, which seemingly matched up with a picture of the device which the FCC received.

Other than the leaked image, no further details were made available – there is no launch date, there are no specifications to work around with, and so, one would just have to draw one’s own conclusions from the date which is featured on the handset’s picture, which depicted July 3rd – so that is about as far as our speculations would go. The Casio Commando 4G LTE certainly does not look half bad, aye?

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