tizen_logoAs it stands, both iOS and Android are dominating the smartphone scene, with platforms such as Blackberry and Windows Phone lagging behind. However you might have heard that there are alternatives out there, such as Sailfish OS, Firefox’s own mobile operating system, and Samsung’s Tizen platform which has yet to be launched. That being said, do any of these newer operating systems stand a chance? Even Microsoft’s Windows Phone is having a tough time, so who’s to say any of these newer operating systems have a fighting chance? Well according to a report, it seems that there is a possibility that Samsung’s Tizen operating system could very well overtake Apple’s iOS system in the coming years.


According to an ABI report, senior analyst Joshua Flood had this to say, “Tizen’s strong backing from Intel and Samsung will enable it to quickly outpace its other Linux mobile OS challengers […] Additionally, other segments of the mobile ecosystem are keen for a new mobile OS to usurp Apple and Google’s dominance in the market. Mobile network operators, particularly in Asia, have been looking for other options. Apple’s refusal to modify its OS for operators to add customized services or differentiate operators’ brands is one of the key factors for their discontent.”

Granted Tizen has big names like Intel and Samsung behind it, but Microsoft is no slouch either and they are having trouble with their own mobile OS, although we’re guessing that the fact that Windows Phone is a closed system much like Apple’s iOS probably has something to do with that as well. In any case we have yet to see what Tizen is capable of, so perhaps it’s a bit too early to start celebrating the demise of iOS, but what do you guys think? Does Tizen have a chance against the likes of iOS or Android?

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