sundarWhile the “war” between iOS and Android has escalated to the level of Mac versus PC, it does not necessarily mean that one has to choose between either. After all it’s not really a crime to be curious, right? Which is why we thought it was pretty interesting to see the head of Google’s Android mobile operating system, Sundar Pichai, take to his Twitter account to tweet about how excited he was for iOS 7. According to Pichai’s tweet, “Excited to try out iOS7 beta, guess I need to register as a developer first:)” We expect that Pichai’s mere curiosity is only the tip of the iceberg, after all being head of Android means keeping tabs on the competition and by taking an early look at iOS 7, Pichai will be able to discern what sort of features iOS 7 might have to offer that Android might then try to one up with their next build. Not to mention the various platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, webOS, and etc. – have all “borrowed” ideas from one another at some point, so this really isn’t all that surprising.

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