Apple-sign-logo110712125041Apple is a company that has applied for its fair share of patents, where among the more recent ones which we have seen this year include a possible laser keyboard for iPads down the road, or how about a flexible display just in case its bitter rival, Samsung, rolls out something like that in a smartphone beforehand? Having said that, it would be more common to hear of Apple suing other companies for allegedly infringing on their patents, but this time around, it seems that the tables have turned. The USPTO did receive a pair of re-examination requests for a couple of Apple patents from an anonymous party, where these patents would include visual voicemail as well as autocorrect capability.

Both patents are tipped to come under the spotlight, as Apple and Samsung continue their seemingly endless legal patent battle which kicked off last year, where the trial for that is set to start sometime in Q1 2014. Could Samsung have been the party to have submitted the request for a re-examination? After all, the autocorrect feature was used by Apple when it asked for a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset. I guess additional details will be revealed in due time.

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