Sir Jonathan Ive is credited with creating some of the most beautiful products for Apple, which he joined back in 1996. Previously his title at the company was Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. A subtle change has been made to that, the word ‘industrial’ has been dropped. Ive is now the SVP, Design at Apple. The change comes shortly after the company unveiled iOS 7, for which Ive played a central role during the design process.

In October last year it was announced that Scott Forstall would be leaving Apple, and that his duties related to design would be divided between other top level executives. Since then it was being rumored that Jony Ive was going to be involved in the design of iOS 7. Apparently he was the one who gave iOS 7 the flat UI it touts. Apple says that this iOS update comes with the biggest changes that they have ever made, they’re most certainly right. While there might be conflicting views on how good iOS 7 looks after this massive redesign, the change in his official title indicates that Jony Ive is now going to be involved in the design process of software as well, in the days to come.

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