lung-boxHarvey Jeffries, an atmospheric chemist who is currently studying the relationship between pollution and human health, and obviously, if we were to inhale the kind of air in most cities, over the course of time our lungs would get damaged from inhaling all the toxic gases. How are we able to use such information from protect ourselves from potential harm? Our lung cells actually send out chemical signals whenever they are stressed, and scientists have tried to recreate this particular scenario in a lab, where Jeffries worked on a kind of sweat lodge, allowing exhaust to bake under the sun’s rays.

Not only that, his team also developed a kind of contraption which passed pollution via an electric field, where the electric field then provided the particles with a positive charge, before pumping them into a chamber with a positively charged plate which will push the pollution straight onto waiting lung cells. This machine can be shrunk down into a portable “lung in a box” so that one is able to get an accurate depiction on how harmful the air is there and then.

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