AT&T Galaxy S4 Kernel Source Code Released


Today Samsung has released the official kernel source code for AT&T Galaxy S4. We’ve seen the company release code for many of its devices in the past few weeks, this release is likely to put a smile on many developers’ faces. Being the latest Android flagship smartphone from this Korean manufacturer, there’s no doubt that quite a few developers have been waiting for this release. Weighing in at 382MB, the kernel source code for AT&T Galaxy S4 can now be downloaded straight from Samsung.

Developers are overjoyed when such code is released, but what does that mean for an average user? Basically, developers use this code to customize the Android experience in a number of ways. Thanks to the “openness” of this platform, developers can create a variety of custom ROMs through which they modify many elements of Android software that runs on any particular device. Many of the well known custom ROMs include MIUI, Android Open Kang Project, CyanogenMod and more. So what this means is that developers will now get to creating some exciting new experiences for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4.

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