bbmJust yesterday it was suggested that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) could be arriving on iOS and Android on the 27th of June. Whether that rumor pans out or not remains to be seen, but what about post-launch? Will BBM be able to become a crowd favorite among iOS and Android users? Well according to a statement made by Blackberry Chief Operating Officer, Kristian Tear, it seems that in the future it is possible that we could see BBM come preloaded on non-Blackberry devices, and we’re guessing it will most likely be from Android since Apple will probably want to have nothing to do with this.

According to Tear, he was quoted as saying, “There is interest from other handset makers,” when asked about the possibility of the app coming preloaded on a handset. Of course having it preloaded would definitely increase the coverage of the app, although we’re not sure how this is supposed to help attract non-Blackberry users onto the Blackberry platform. Either way it’s still a bit too early to tell which OEMs are interested in preloading BBM, so we guess we will have to wait and see. What do you guys think?

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