3dbrainmapsHave you ever watched Pinky and the Brain? Those are two extremely adorable rodents, and it does make me wonder how come a mouse with all the smarts can hang out with a literal doofus. I guess at the end of the day, emotional attachment and sentiment overrules logic when it comes right down to the wire. If you have a curiosity about the brain that is seemingly insatiable, why not check out Big Brain, which is touted to be the first high resolution, 3D digital model of the human brain. This is a huge, 10-year project that was constructed from individual scans of 7,400 slices of a single human brain, and it is said that this project will be able to assist scientists learn more about one’s minds.

This particular Big Brain project was developed in collaboration between an international team of researchers from Germany and Canada, and it certainly involves a whole lot of work. Imagine stitching together a whopping “7,500 sheets of Saran wrap” into a three-dimensional object with digital image processing alone, and since many of these slices come with tiny rips, tears, and distortions, there was plenty of manual work that needed to be done to edit these images in order to fix major signs of damage, before an automated program takes over for the minor fixes.

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