centechFor those who love measuring stuff simply because it allows them to be more efficient and streamlined, chances are you would love to grab hold of a device that is capable of telling you just how much juice a particular device sips from your USB port. Well, with the presence of the Centech USB Power Meter, you can throw all those guessing games right out of the window. It will be different from a power meter which will gauge the entire power draw of a system, but rather, will be able to inform you on just how much power USB devices are drawing from a particular system.

Using the Centech USB Power Meter can be deemed to be a no-brainer at all, where all you need to do is plug the meter in-between your PC and the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 peripherals which you want to get a reading of, and whatever results will then be displayed on the integrated LED display. There are four different modes to choose from, where each choice would determine the kind of information displayed. USB junkies would love this puppy, but it seems limited to a small number of Japanese e-tailers, with a converted price point of approximately $32 a pop.

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