reebok-checklightIn the past few years, the world of American football has come under a microscope because of the apparent increase in head concussion-related injuries. In fact, this is one issue that has split opinions on the sport right down the middle for some, so much so that a bunch of NFL (National Football League) players even took the unprecedented step of suing the league earlier this year in April, and of course some good did come out from the heightened awareness as new rules have been drawn up and instituted in order to provide additional protection for the players. Both MC10 and Reebok have come up with a particular device known as the CheckLight, which so happens to be a sensor skullcap which can be worn under a helmet. The CheckLight is capable of measuring an impact on the wearer’s head, where side-mounted LED lights will flash in either yellow or red to inform those around of the impact’s severity in real-time, now how about that?

I guess the CheckLight is no substitute for a trained medical professional, but at least it helps get the job done as a starting point. The CheckLight’s indicator lights will hang from the back of the neck, allowing a teammate or buddy to notify the wearer should the red light indicator start flashing. Nice to see Reebok avoid potential lawsuits with a disclaimer that the CheckLight is not a certified concussion diagnostic tool. Expect the CheckLight to retail for $150 a pop as it hits retail stores later this month.

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