cleancubeWhat are some of the iconic things about New York City? The Big Apple is certainly a place where aliens tend to attack first whenever they invade earth, and there are also yellow cabs, pizza delivery boys, and all sorts of weird and strange characters there that a superhero walking around in spandex is not going to elicit a second look these days. Well, let us not forget all of the faithful doormen who have been ushering folks out and welcoming guests in all these years, but it seems that technology has caught up with them, and Clean Cube, a new service in New York, might actually be the catalyst here.

Basically, Clean Cube functions as a service which would allow building residents to drop off their laundry, clothes for donation, or even items for storage into a different set of lockers, or “cubes” in this case, which are being installed in the building lobby. The service will then send their laundry over for some dry cleaning or the full laundry service, while old clothes are shipped off to Goodwill, the works. All customers will then receive an itemized receipt once the service is complete. At this point in time, Clean Cube will cater only for dry cleaning, laundry, clothing donation, and off-site storage, but in due time, it has plans to introduce grocery and packages delivery as well. Do you think the Clean Cube will work out in the long run?

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