CyanogenMod’s custom ROMs are perhaps one of the most widely used third-party ROMs on a huge number of Android devices. Steve Kondik, the force behind Cyanogen, announced today that CyanogenMod will soon come with a new feature that will greatly enhance user privacy. The feature itself is called Run in Incognito Mode, it will allow users to run apps without providing them unadulterated access to content such as messages, call logs and contacts.

This feature will be available from App Info panel. Once turned on, Run in Incognito Mode will return empty lists for contacts, browser history, messages and calendar. It will also cloak the device’s location by making the GPS appear disabled in the app. To turn off this mode easily, a quick panel item will be provided. Steve, who is developing this feature himself, adds that users will not be confused by any fine-grained permissions controls. The feature will be available as a single option that can be switched on or off as per the user’s liking.

Run in Incognito Mode will have to be toggled for each specific app, it won’t be activated for all apps at once. Steve has made it clear that this feature will not spoof IMEI or block advertisements, the sole reason for it is to restrict access of an app to private data. However an app that has root access will not be subject to this feature. [Image via Google+]

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