Dell-XPS-hands-on-review-12Digital security must rank pretty high up on the minds of many people in this day and age, especially when you consider the amount of personal information that we store online these days. Dell, a long trusted name in the world of home, office and commercial computing, is now offering what they call the “world’s most secure commercial PCs with new encryption, advanced authentication, and malware protection solutions.”

The additional security capabilities for its commercial PC portfolio will boast of comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and leading-edge malware prevention from a single source, thanks to the presence of Dell Data Protection (DDP) solutions. DDP | Encryption now supports the Windows 8 environment, alongside auto deployment and provisioning of users when purchased factory-installed on Dell Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops, and Latitude laptops and tablets.

I have come to realize that regardless of how high tech and advanced a particular security system can be in the world of computing, the primary onus is still on the end user to always maintain the best practices that one has learnt in order to avoid any kind of breach in security. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in most cases of security compromises, the human is the weakest link due to a momentary lapse of concentration or carelessness. [Press Release]

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