Diablo3-FeatureDiablo 3 was released for the PC back in 2012 and if you’ve hit the max level for your character and were looking for new content in the form of an expansion, do not expect it to arrive in 2013. Blizzard has not formally announced anything yet with regards to a Diablo 3 expansion, but the folks at VentureBeat have learnt that the expansion which was supposedly pegged for 2013, has now been pushed back to 2014. Blizzard has since released a statement saying that since there has been no official announcement, there is no release date so the claims of it being “delayed” are not true. Fair enough, we suppose.

We’re not sure why Blizzard pushed back the release of the expansion, although if we had to venture a guess of our own, we’d have to say that perhaps the release of the game on consoles might have something to do with it. After all console owners probably won’t be too pleased that they’d be playing a game which is not only a year old, but an expansion behind as well, wouldn’t they? Either way this is merely speculation and a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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