One of Disney’s most popular mobile games has got to me its Where’s My Water? franchise as the game has seen a number of releases and spinoffs across multiple mobile operating systems. Disney isn’t stopping there as the company is announcing a new version of the game, called Where’s My Mickey?, will be released later this week on iOS, Android and Windows.

Where’s My Mickey? will feature full story animations featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends which will draw upon the classic visual style Disney was known for in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of the stories included in Where’s My Mickey? will include Mickey trying to set up a lemonade stand at the beach or Goofy attempting to find paint for an art project. In total, five chapters and bonus levels will be included in the game with tablet versions receiving 20 extra levels specifically designed for them.

Where’s My Mickey? will be released on iOS, Android and Windows on June 20 and will cost $0.99 on phones, $1.99 on tablets and $4.99 on Windows tablets and PCs.

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