There’s no rocket science in registering a domain name online. One just needs to visit a domain registrar’s website, select an available domain name and make the payment. Things are about to change though, after a new ICANN agreement, which makes it mandatory for domain registrars to verify phone or address of their customers within 15 days of them buying a domain. Registrations will have to be suspended if such verification has not been provided within the given time-frame.

The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN, approved a new Registrar Accreditation Agreement earlier this week. Registrars are yet to sign this agreement, so the new rules are not currently in force. These new rules will make it tougher for people to pick up domains on fake information, which is not at all hard right now. There’s more to the agreement than just verification of phone and email. Registrars will also have to keep information of their customers, including their credit card details, for two years after they cancel their domain registrations. If the ICANN requests, information like the IP address used to make the registration have to be given up to it for 180 days.

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