dq-pcDragon Quest, having long held the distinction of being one of the most popular Japanese RPG franchises in the world, but somehow or rather, Dragon Quest X has more or less remained stuck as a Japanese exclusive for nearly a year already. Here we are with an opportunity for the developers to rake in even more money for the game studio if they were to release the RPG to the rest of the world, and they simply ain’t doing so. I always thought that game developers would love to see their games fall into the hands of gamers who love the work that was achieved or done, but this mind boggling situation is really puzzling. Still, we are pleased to hear that Square Enix intends to make some things right by announcing that Dragon Quest X for PC will be released this September 26, although it will still remain a Japan exclusive.

After all, Dragon Quest X’s sales on the Wii U port proved to be disappointing because of the relatively low Wii U sales figures, even in their own home country. Perhaps a PC could prove to be the catalyst required to help push the game’s popularity ranking among gamers up to levels that it reached easily in the past.

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